Ordering Information

Shipping Policy:

International Shipments: Prices do not include taxes and duties.

Domestic packages shipped FedEx Express 3 day, international packages shipped USPS.  We can charge your shipping cost to your FedEx account for FedEx Express shipments, or to another carrier for an additional $20 handling fee.  Please note there may be a longer lead times associated with some of our more specialized products.  Please email your requests to sales@tagsense.com for special handling or custom products/kits.


You are responsible for return shipping.

10% restocking fee if the item is returned within one week
20% restocking fee if the item is returned within one month
50% restocking fee if the item is returned within 3 months
no refund if return after 3 months.


1 year limited warranty on all readers products and accessories.  Improper use will void warranty.  This is especially true for UHF readers.  Be aware, as noted in the datasheet, that UHF readers should not be powered without an antenna attached for long periods of time, and that no amplifiers should be used.